Lieutenant Commander Robert Cole Basford
MIEAust CPEng RAN (Retd)

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2020-present OTSO
2013-2020 Germany
🔴🔴1997-2013 Finland
1990-1997 ADF.Navy
1978-1990 ADF.Army

Royal Military College of Australia

Marioff Corporation Nokia Siemens Networks Nokia Corporation


Defence Force Service Medal Australian Defence Medal


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25.1 Ensured that Nokia Locate 3D program achieved its feature delivery targets committed in production, and maintained estimated cost within Stakeholder agreed scope.
25.2 Ensured Customer and End User satisfaction targets were met or exceeded within agreed service levels of quality.
25.3 Delivered an internal indoor map platform based solution (Native app+Web) in all strategic sites for Nokia Chief Finance Officer to realize both Enterprise and employee productivity efficiencies.
25.4 Developed the internal solution into a minimum viable product for external release, whilst maintaining the internal solution for use within Nokia Group.

24.1 Rejoined Nokia Corporation to continue all tasks and responsibilities from previous Project IT Manager and SAP Cutover Manager Consultant role.
24.2 Managed technically three critical schedule driven Nokia IT Logistics, Windows Phone "Lumia" and related Gear projects cutover into production during 4Q-2011.

IT Manager responsible for project planning and implementation:
23.1 Planned project scope, schedule, resources, costs, risk management, and cutover activities.
23.2 Defined technical project roles and responsibilities.
23.3 Made technical resource requirements and gets resources from line organizations before project is active and requests the changes when needed.
23.4 Ensured that project is following common technical quality rules (like using selected Nokia Information Technology templates, technical approval rules, and Milestone Quality Reviews).
23.5 Synchronized project technical activities with dependences of other projects.
23.6 Ensured technical integration of the systems and technical support in projects in cooperation with relevant Service Managers and Delivery Managers organizations.
23.7 Reported daily status to the Project Manager and weekly to stakeholders.
23.8 Participated steering group meetings as technical representative.
SAP Cutover Manager:
23.9 Overall responsibility for the SAP (MM and DP modules) cutover planning coordination, and cutover planning documents creation.
23.10 Facilitated cutover planning sessions and Internal communication cutover content promulgation.
23.11 Managed cutover execution and was the primary contact point during cutover into production.
23.12 Updated main checkpoints during cutover and gave approval to commence next steps.

22.1 Chaired weekly project meetings, daily meetings, and Licensing Compliance and Licensing Transfers [merger related] meetings with Siemens legal and procurement managers, including meetings with Nokia Siemens Networks and Siemens C-level Compliance Officers and Legal Officers.
22.2 Software Policy - Created Nokia Siemens Networks "End User Software Policy" and Employee "End User Software Agreement".
22.3 Created and published the Information Technology Audit process.
22.4 Audited Information Technology systems global installations of "licenced" desktop and server software, and analysed data against actual Terms and Conditions.
22.5 Created and delivered the corporate Risk Plan, Software Licence Project Plan and Current State Analysis of Software Licences.
22.6 Liaised with external consultancy companies relating to Software Asset Management including Deloitte, Accenture, and Insight.
22.7 Facilitated an Internal global Software Licence project workshop week in Munich
22.8 Analysed HR statistics, " SW Piracy report" and created risk statistics for Nokia Siemens Networks related to licensing non-compliance by country and region.
22.9 Applied ISO 19770-1 Software Asset Management towards Software Licence process design.
22.10 Facilitated Software License Management seminars fully remote, and on-site in Finland and Germany.
22.11 Created Current State Analysis of Indirect Software Licences from Ex-Nokia and Ex-Siemens businesses.
22.12 Researched and documented License Management best practices and analysis with major Software Vendors.
22.13 Facilitated License Management workshops and created License Management project scope.
22.14 Created the management transfer process of Software licenses Ex-Nokia and Ex-Siemens to Nokia Siemens Networks.
22.15 Facilitated gap closure between existing and target processes and performed License Optimization including the removal of unused licenses.
22.16 Facilitated and chaired cross-functional stakeholder meetings between License Management, Terminal Services, Software Procurement, and Software Delivery Operations.
22.17 Developed and published a Software Licence Management Strategy including Nokia Siemens Networks Licensing Compliance Guidelines.
22.18 Developed a Corporate Software Licence Management Resource Business Case and Value Proposition.
22.19 Created a Software License Management Steering Group and facilitated meetings that included CIO.
22.20 Developed a comprehensive document describing Nokia Siemens Networks Licence Management for major Software Vendors.

21.1 Research and development manager plus Factories Windows Terminal migration specialist.
21.2 Planning and implementing carve out migrations of Windows Terminals to new corporate network.
21.3 IP analysis and network testing.
21.4 Windows terminal hardware performance tests.
21.5 Testing and Piloting Virtual Private Network solutions and reports.
21.6 Liaising with User Care and On-Site Support with migration issues.
21.7 Liaising with Factories for specific terminal & SAP printer migrations.
21.8 Attending daily status and technical meetings with Service Provider and Nokia Siemens Networks.

20.1 Development of project scope and resourcing. Preparation and dissemination of status and business reports. Chair of project, status, and cross-organizational meetings, business, and schedule planning, plus communications planning.
20.2 Rapid solution development of user requirements, user experience testing, and solution prototyping.
20.3 Technical assessment and prioritization of project risks.
20.4 Preparation and delivery of milestone deliverables.
20.5 Development of technical documentation, training material and global delivery.
20.6 Technical project manager of a second concurrent project.
20.7 Acting Program Manager for two months across five projects.
20.8 Maintenance operations of deployed systems.
20.9 Master test plan preparation and test cases development.
20.10 Vendor product hardware and software selection assessment.
20.11 State of the art multi-platform solution development.
20.12 Field performance assessment of radio frequency strength for Voice over IP systems.

19.1 Program managed planning, solution create, deployment, and maintenance of E-Channel Service Delivery related services globally.
19.2 Managed and developed E-Channel Service Delivery in customer Support service and service operations.
19.3 Monitored E-Channel Service Delivery related service quality, delivery, and customer satisfaction.
19.4 Ensured state of the art e-business solutions supporting Care services offering and related processes.
19.5 Managed the E-Channel Service Delivery business case, product descriptions, marketing materials, value proposition, and sales argumentation.
19.6 Defined the E-Channel Service Delivery roadmap based on market requirements and care services strategy, customer feedback, technology development, plus collected and analysed competitor intelligence.
19.7 Maintained overall responsibility of E-business activities within the E-Channel Service Delivery line.
19.8 Led and line managed a seven-person team

18.1 Defined the Care E-business strategy and roadmap together with Care stakeholders, Business Areas, Software Delivery Centre and Nokia Online Services (NOLS) Channel Management.
18.2 Managed, planned, created, and deployed maintenance phase activities for E-Care related services (Electra e-channel, Software Delivery, Knowledge Reuse frontend).
18.3 Ensured the E-Care service delivery offering for different customer segments ie. Operators, Value Added Resellers, partners, and managed service customers.
18.4 Ensured support capability for License Keys in Networks Business Unit Areas.
18.5 Interfaced with other Business Units related to new concepts (e.g. Knowledge Management).
18.6´ On a regular basis, collect service quality feedback from E-Care Area Managers Key Users & other Nokia Online Services (NOLS) stakeholders and identify potential gaps against set targets, contract commitments or agreed working practices as well as Customer's process requirements.
18.7 Work together with other stakeholders (Business Areas, Business Infrastructure NOLS Channel Management, and Software Delivery Centre) to address service quality related issues.
18.8 Ensured that Area E-Care Managers have knowledge / capability to deploy and promote E-Cares services to all relevant Customer segments.
18.9 Ensured that E-Care related contractual terms are up to date and supports an aligned Care service offering.
18.10 Set challenging Global targets for service utilization and deployment based on analysis of the general (e-business) market situation, Care service offering, competitor status and the service usage potential.
18.11 On monthly basis, review deployment and utilization targets with Area E-Care Managers and NOLS Channel Management.
18.12 Remotely managed Area E-Care Managers and Concept Managers for Customer Satisfaction metrics including Key Performance Indicators.
18.13 Proactively pushed development and deployment of e-Care Services into Customer Care strategy, roadmap and business plan.
18.14 Promoted services for all relevant stakeholders, including Care Management Business Areas, Product Management, and ensured promotion material and global support was available.
18.15 Built value argumentation and continuously demonstrated E-Care services value-add.
18.16 Dotted line management of Area E-Care managers and line management of the E-Care Concept Management team.
18.17 Led and line managed a seven-person team

17.1 PMR ICT care services program manager, remote pilot manager, remote project manager, system interoperability business marketing, business area intranet design and maintenance.
17.2 Customer ICT enterprise information distributed system design, development, and maintenance of backend and frontend (VB6/MS Access).
17.3 The information system I built was known as "Soopeli" and was used at every level of TETRA business unit globally and included automated Executive Summary report collation of all Customers for C-level meetings.
17.4 Full job definition and tasks for the Nokia Networks Professional Mobile Radio ICT Support Manager
17.5 Keynote Nokia speaker and lead Nokia PMR solutions representative throughout 2nd GCC IEEE Conference, Bahrain November 2004.

16.1 Managed Nokia Networks PMR System Security policy and procedures and related ICT security auditing for 3rd party products and security feature definitions including the lawful interception module.
16.2 Presented the PMR ICT lawful interception module technical implementation to a joint conference including Finnish and Russian Security services.
16.3 Led and line managed a team of two ICT System Engineers.

15.1 Managed PMR ICT systems integration and research and development of middleware platform "mPlatform 2.0" plus "Nokia Activ Server 2.1" products to TETRA networks.
15.2 Research and development of the PMR ICT Push-to-Talk over Cellular (GPRS-3G) program's provisioning and billing solution.
15.3 Software project management of integrated WAP applications for Professional Mobile Radio and Nokia Mobile Phones Special Products division.
15.4 Installed "Nokia Activ Server 2.1" for the Finnish Ministry of the Interior at the Military Communications Centre, then successfully field demonstrated the implementation at Helsinki Police Headquarters.
15.5 Led and line managed a team of two PMR ICT Program Managers and an PMR ICT System Engineer.

14.1 Delivered PMR ICT solution development of TETRA programs for the Professional Mobile Radio Division for both Public Safety & Security and Professional Cellular markets.
14.2 Managed PMR ICT programs into production including WAP and Multi Messaging Systems (MMS) with WAP and HTTP interface.
14.3 Management of PMR ICT solution development and process development from business planning to piloting and volume delivery as well as presentations at BU's Product Decision Board.
14.4 PMR ICT Project management of marketing's demonstration laboratory development and Business Unit laboratory.
14.5 Representative for our Business Unit at departmental program follow-up meetings and at Network Integration Services & Network Management System Steering Group meetings.
Chair of business units program follow-up meetings.
14.6 Presented PMR ICT solutions to Customers on behalf of business unit at road shows in USA, Italy, and Finland.
14.7 Led and line managed a team of two ICT Program Managers and an PMR ICT System Engineer.

13.1 Developed Marioff Corporation's systems and processes in preparation for ISO9000:2000 and ISO14000 accreditation through quality and performance audits and metrics analysis.
13.2 Managed the EU CE certification process, which resulted in the company gaining accreditation across all product ranges.
13.3 Management of internal audit systems, non-conformance reporting and systems documentation.
13.4 Additional responsibilities included marketing material development, customer presentations (development and delivery), intranet design and management, web design and development, IT and IS systems design.

Good Character

ork_ Ref: 060859-2653 (06.08.1959)
Dated: 31 October 2019
Result: "The Finnish Criminal Records contain no information"

Work Certificate
Date of Separation: 07 August 2007
Date of Entry: 03 April 2000

Work Certificate
Date of Separation: 31 March 2000
Date of Entry: 01 October 1997